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I need help on this project

2010-06-29 17:48:41 by nintendo768

I need some animators, voice actors, writers and musicians.

please message me on youtube from that account if you wanna do it.

my story

2009-11-19 19:05:19 by nintendo768

My first girlfriend i had was in first grade. Nothing that special about that. There was a show, Sonic Underground , it was not finished. I met this one girl. We worked together to try to finish that show. She was really pretty and really nice. I couldn't help falling in love with her. Then one day, She got engaged. She found me loving her so much creppy. I asked a bunch of girls if there was someone who loved you more than anything, would give their life for you, all that good stuff. Would you findthat creppy? They all replied they would love a guy like that. I explained how lonely and suicidal I was from that and being lonely for nine years. There was my second girlfriend, Kristen Lerma. She said she if ther was a guy who loved her like I loved heather ( the girl I worked on Sonic underground with) She would feel the same about him. She also felt that knd of lonliness. I asked her to be my girlfriend , but she said no due to I am 16 and she is 12. I later asked her If 2 people love each other so much, what does a 4 year age difference matter? She agreeded it did not matter. She later became my girlfriend. 24 hours later,we fell in love. About 4 weeks later, I went on a trip to virginia for 2 days and was unable to talk to her. I felt so sad. When I got home, I asked her to marry me. She said yes at first. she later thought about it and did not feel ready yet. WE got engaged again because she felt like her heart was being ripped out and I felt like I was watching her get raped. Then about 2 weeks later, She cheated on me with 2 other guys. If she didn't, they would have killed themselves. She fell in love with 3 guys. She had to choose. It was so hard on her, her choice was nobody. One quit talking to her and one found someone else. I am left here all sad and lonely. I. I tried many times to move on. My first place to look was locally. That did not work. I gave up and searched online. I have been searching all summer long. i fould this one girl who went by shamdia. She was a great girl, until I got this message:

"I'm not really a real person. I'm just a side account for someone you know. Someone else and I were going to try to teach you a lesson and try to get you away from internet dating. You're not a horrible person and people do pay attention to you at school, you just emit the wrong kind of actions forthe negative type of attention. If you were to adjust your actions and such, people may try to give you a chance. Our plan was to impersonate someone that you would instantly fall for, have similar interests, and similar personal experiences. In a way, we did not even need to impersonate someone. But we did. The Amanda that you have a picture of is a girl that is missing in Florida or something. Amanda Mc something. The birthday we used is of a sibling, not the real Amanda's. After you fell for Amanda, we were planning on moving your sights away from your other girls online. You never know if they really are girls, but I'm not giving you that stupid speech. You never know if they are doing the same thing as we are. But after you had segregated yourself from the others, then we were going to reveal that Amanda is not real. And let you be disappointed. To teach you a lesson about online relationships. It was all a sort of funny joke, and we had other things planned out, but then we realized how heartless and dangerous this sort of thing is. So sorry for leading you on. You'll probably hate me even more than you already do. But ohwell. It's for your own good. I hope you read this whole message and didn't just skim through it "

I do not know the true identity of shamdia. the person who he or she claimed to be is a lie.

Then I met girlfriend number 3: (requested to remain anyonmous. I loved with all my heart. it was rough with my parents because they are half racist and Vanessa is black. I had her for about 3-4 months. She left me because of my 2 relgious beliefs that very few people have:

1. There are 2 religion:satanism and christianity. Things like muslim, islam, morman are subreligions. If you are a bad person, you are a satanist. If you are a good person you are a christian. You do not have to directly worship god to be christian or directly worship satan to be satanist. When you do good things like give to charity, compliment people, love, help others, that is the whole idea of god. When you do bad things like kill, rape, lie, steal, that is the whole idea of satan. sorta like santa claus exist. we all know there is no guy that flys around in a sliegh with reindeer bringing kids present. yet he does exist. He is within us when we give to others. If there is a physical god or satan, The only way we can know for sure is to die. therefore, my subreligion is my own: "let's see how it goes".

2. When two people get married, their souls combine into one soul. During a wedding a preacher says "we are gathered her today to join the two in holy matrimony. do so and so take so and so to be together til death do you part?" There are 4 possible theories from what I know. We cannot know for certain til we die:
1.The marriage ends when one of the people die
2. Both people have to die for the marriage to end.

3. Noone truely dies, their soul and spirit live on forever. If you get a divorce,only the marriage liscense ends, not the marriage. if you marry someone after a divorce, you are a paligamist.
4. when the couple stops loving each other the souls split apart.

the best thing to do is just to not divorce anybody. be in a relationship for at least 1 year before you propose.

Is it true all youtube accounts will be deleted in December?

the lsd picture

2009-10-13 17:01:55 by nintendo768 oDsI

What was wrong with it? It was supposed to have stupid animation and voice acting.

You're all meanie faces

2009-10-12 21:53:23 by nintendo768

you hurt my feelings by blamming the "The Lsd Picture." oDsI

Linkin Park- New Divide
Vocals: Sonic
Lead Guitar: Rouge
Second Guitar: Mina
Bass: Tails
Drums: Shadow

Setting: lava reef zone

My music video sprite sheet

2009-07-16 19:50:56 by nintendo768 tendo768/music-video-sheet

I will be making further music videos using this sprite sheet. Please give your opinion on it. The credits are here. tendo768/music-video-sheet-credits

moving moouths

2009-07-12 14:18:02 by nintendo768

How come people complain about my moving mouths and not the ones in sonic quest for power?

Newgrounds versus youtube

2009-07-11 22:54:20 by nintendo768

What is with the poeple on there. On newgrounds, you mess up with just a few things you get rated below a 5/10. People on youtube don't complain as much as newgrounds people. Why is that. compare my sonic cochise video from newgrounds to youtube.

Audio portal

2009-07-11 21:46:24 by nintendo768

I uploaded my metal orchestra song on here and it did not show up. Can anyone tell me why?